Monday, February 21, 2011

web life

I LOVE FACEBOOK... and trying to learn it as well as i can my daughters is working the best of any ive seen....bella chic... we have over 1200 fans now.... so im pretty thrilled with that....

AN IKKY on an all female forum for girly stores and boutiques.... well one is opening a new store and another is asking the rest of us for small donations for flowers for her opening....heck i can hardly manage my own pathetic social life,,,,i dont want to mess with anything like sending 3$ to a paypal account for flowers to a forum member....... and there are about 50 women on the forum.all with life events and changes and celebrations...i cant deal with it...i can say good luck on line but thats about all im up for... now im feeling like the oddball..especially if im the only one who doesnt do it... ..but i just dont want to start all that....
i feel funny about it.... im already weird because im past year 5 in business,and a bit bigger,and im not really what they call a boutique, and have what i would say is a lot harder view of business,

BLOGGING... I like it,,,,but facebook is getting way more interaction and interest.... the blog world is so wonderful and rich....and if your path is towards national celebrity or getting into magazines or even finding kindred spirits its a good path... ...but for driving people to my store its not really a very strong part....... what ive found is my favorite folks who ive met blogging are so dang far away from indiana!!! they will probably never get here... i still love hearing from them/you tho!!!
so ive kind of changed my view of blogging , maybe either for
my own entertainment and expression and at the same tme maybe try and make ... more and more about the actual store and hope to appeal to my customers and folks who come to us... i guess i m going to think about my blogs as for store and all about the store experience and the fun people who come thru our doors......i dont see the value for GREEN OAK , the store, for me to try and cultivate a big blogging network out there in the blog world...i have to remember that my thing is local not national.... but with some wonderful national cyber friends..who i love to hear from....
i love brainstorming and wonky store talk.... im so disappointed that this blog and the forum i tried to start didnt turn into that.... i just dont think you can beat real back and forth among others in the same boat...getting feedback from others is so good.. but its not happening very much.......if anyone ever finds a good active store forum i would love to more like me .furniture, gifts, garden rehabb, ..not mainly clothes and jewelry...

new website.... heres what we picked... i just love daughter in law did the hard work .... i critiqued!!! .i just dont know!!!!

i want to talk talk talk...and not be the oddball...but maybe i really a the oddball...whatever!!!

selling on line....we are trying it a teeny way...seems like every january we get that bug....ITS NEVER WORKED SO FAR...EXCEPT EBAY IN THE OLD DAYS...




FACEBOOK.... any ideas?
making a store calendar with store pictures to give away

learning curve....trying to use vista print better..
.trying to learn how to get cool images from my ipad onto my computer... having fun with moxier collage on my ipad..
.;i still cant lay out my pictures like i would like to on my blog....
my imaginary board of directors and back up and cyber helpers have all come from me being out here on the web and luckliy bumping in to them....... and i am so thankful,

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